Holds & Removes Electrical Staples for your safety.

Makes installing electrical staples fast, efficient, and free from injury.

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Saving Time & Money by using a Stay Pal

Welcome to our store, this product was initially designed for convenience and safety. We have come to realize that this tool is effective. and efficient on new builds, as well as renovations. Feel free to look at our Gallery or Videos.

Affordable, Quality, and a Must in the Tool Bag

Stay Pal will be the first tool you grab for staple installations

Tight Staple fit for tight staple placements on the job

Great hand tool for your electrical bag

Strong & Durable

Tool grade steel

Not Just Another Tool in Your Bag

StayPal - Electrical Staple Setter

In the electrical field, electricians encounter injuries while installing electrical staples. Some staples are awkward to hit with a hammer, or just out of reach with your bare hand when stapling electrical wire.

The StayPal is a tool used to aid in the installation of electrical staples by extending reach, and removing any chance of hitting your fingers while installing staples to prevent injury on the job. The StayPal is also capable of removing electrical staples, making your job easier, and saving time on the job.

Designed and Engineered with your needs in mind.

Quality Lightweight Tool

Diversity for Staple Options

Proud to be in both Markets

Magnet in handle for easy staple retrieval from tool pouch.


The StayPal was designed by electricians, for electricians.

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Designed for staples (S1 & S2 only) in Canada

Designed for steel & insulated (1/2" & 9/16" staples) in the USA.

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